Bruce Kirkpatrick -
Bruce Kirkpatrick - Photo 12/31/2009
Bruce Kirkpatrick - Photo 12/31/2009 - click to enlarge

Clearview's Jazz - Photo 12/31/2009 Clearview's Jazz - Photo 12/31/2009 - click to enlarge

1/7/2010 - Ice on the grass in Ormond Beach, Florida! 1/7/2010 - Ice on the grass in Ormond Beach, Florida!

1/9/2010 Snowman in Ormond Beach, Florida
1/9/2010 8:30 am - There was enough snow to make a tiny snowman with the ice on the top of the car in Ormond Beach, Florida. UNBELIEVABLE! Never happened since I moved here 24 years ago. More Photos: Ormond Beach Snow

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Bruce Kirkpatrick

Updated 4/3/2019

I enjoy staying healthy and stress free with plenty of exercise and appreciation of the arts.

I've been in Ormond Beach, Florida area most of my 37 years. I'm 6' 2", 190lbs., Blue eyes, brown hair.

Jetendo - Fast Free Open Source CFML Custom Web Site Platform

I'm in the process of making my web application a free open source project.

Jazz - My Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog)

You can read about my dog, Jazz, and his development from a tiny 2 month old puppy to the beautiful Shetland Sheepdog he is today. Great photos, videos and other info. Click for more - Clearview's Jazz - Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) | Bruce Kirkpatrick's Dog Training.

Had some border collies for a short while: Bruce's Dog Pack Gallery:
Photos and videos of my dogs and their friends.


Born 12/2/1981 - Birth to the age of 4, I was in New Jersey and then came to Ormond Beach in 1985 and lived with my grandparents and mom most of the time. Went to Osceola Elementary, Ormond Beach Middle and then Seabreeze High School where Nina Masters helped me organize a portfolio (2000) that opened up my college opportunities to Savannah or Ringling. I did two years at Ringling School of Art & Design. The first year (fall 2000) was "core studies" that everyone does instead of their major. I initially was going to do computer animation, but that changed after watching upper classmen during my first year. Seeing the lifestyle and crazy work ethic was not attractive. I was learning to make web sites and programming at the time, so I switched to graphic design with the goal to become a better web designer. After the second year (summer 2001), I decided working was going to be more productive for me since I prefer to follow my interests as they come to me. I found myself learning programming and how to make animated, interactive web sites and school wasn't helping me in this area. I came home for a year, built a few sites for different people and eventually made my first portfolio site and began working for Zgraph, Inc in March 2002 and International Web Media, LLC from November 2004 to April 2010 as the primary web developer. Then in December 2010, I started Far Beyond Code which continues my previous work and expands upon it. I used to be vegan/vegetarian for a year (2005) because I dated one and showed a sincere interest. But in 2006, I went back to eating anything. I still like to eat more vegetarian at times. I had rented an apartment for 2 years in Daytona Beach, FL and then moved in with the parents in Ormond Beach, FL until August 2008 when I moved into my new home in Ormond Beach, but that didn't work out, so I'm back with my grandmother which is convenient for playing the drums, surfing and saving money.

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Miscellaneous Photos

Check out my July 4th Beach Sculpture

2014+ music by Bruce Kirkpatrick

2009 and before music by Bruce Kirkpatrick

Did a CD of solo guitar originals back in 2003. Got that on site and some random bits since then. Just started to sing while playing guitar like 3 days ago, can't wait to see if I can develop that a bit more. I have a soft voice so sorry no hard rock. Also plan to work on drum and keyboard sections eventually.

Check out the work of my friend and co-worker: Rich Tidwell

Piano Grand Staff Memorization Trainer
Free Interactive Tool made with Adobe Flash

The Vegetarian and Vegan Message

Many diets have been highly marketed and popularized through various organizations and experts. While there is no diet that fits everyone's needs, finding the right balance for you is important. Finding better nutrition is just one positive approach to improving your quality of life. Learning how your food is produced, its dangers and avoiding excessive lifestyles are key things to find when bringing harmony to your life. Visit Bruce's to learn more about vegan food & diet.

It's about eating more of the things you already enjoy while reducing or eliminating those guilty foods. You don't need to be rich to afford healthy food, you just need to make the best choices for yourself and the way you get there will be very natural and at your pace. All the cells in the human body are regenerated about every 7 years. Almost anyone has the opportunity to improve their health and reverse disease by making sound long term decisions for their health.

Remember, doctors are not trained in nutrition. They are in the practice of medicine - its a ruthless business bent on keeping you sick with less symptoms and at great expense. It's tremendously easier to prevent disease then to cure it. Avoid the hype and marketing around soy & other special vegetarian products. Focus instead on natural whole foods in the original forms with the least amount of processing and additives you can afford. Humans have a way of destroying what nature has spent billions of years perfecting. Take responsibility for everything in your life and be very careful about the knowledge you read. We're too often manipulated into continually forking over money for a false sense of security.

Hemi Engine Restoration | Wedge Engine Repair

Check out the long term hobby my uncle, Eddie Haines, has of restoring hemi engines for classic muscle cars. He's a talented craftsman and is always building something that turns out great.

Grasp of the Fallen

Find out more about the RPG game I've been planning to make for a long time now (life-long project?). Right now the site has some graphics and all my olddated and useless notes for developing the game. Haha!

I trained some Border Collies and then had to say goodbye to Echo and Indy.

Bruce Kirkpatrick's old portfolio WARNING: this thing probably doesn't even work.

Bruce Kirkpatrick's Art Flash Web Site

Bruce Kirkpatrick's Art Gallery (1998-2002)

Check out this cool looking thing that has no purpose or meaning, thank you.

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