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Photos and videos from February 3rd, 2010 at home

Due to complications within the pack and life changes,
the border collies had to find a new home in May 2010.
Goodbye Echo and Indy!

Border Collies and Shelties Playing in The Backyard

The 7 month old border collies can be rough sometimes with my smaller sheltie, Jazz, but they get along eventually! Jazz loves playing frisbee and the other dogs like to chase/wrestle each other. No one is up to speed with Jazz yet in training or speed.

They're ganging up on Echo!

After a few minutes of rough housing, they go and swallow the whole bowl of water. This is the difference between 1 dog and many. Fun all day!

"Indy", is a slow listener.

This 7 month old border collie puppie is stubborn, but eventually does what you want.

Dogs and a huge woodpecker in the woods out back.

This is Echo who does everything you ask of him.

Echo listens very well and is gentler with the other dogs.

This is Indy, he's so independent and can be very aggressive at times.

Indy loves using his mouth on toys, on dogs, and on things he shouldn't!

At full attention, they are so cute!

This is what happens after boredom / tiredness sets in.

When Indy sees something of interest, he's at full attention and ready to chase.

Wow, that's a big woodpecker out back!

Tired doggies!

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